Brand Collateral

Brand Collaterals are the collection of media and promotional materials used to promote the brand in a significant manner in the market and to the consumers. It provides a valuable and crucial support to the sales and marketing of the products and services offered by the brand. They work as the tangible evidence of the brand and are planned, designed, and executed in tandem with the core values, personality, and objectives of the brand.

Salient features of Brand Collaterals :

They work as the marketing aide making the sales promotions and marketing tactics easier and effective.

Brand Collaterals are one of the most tactical and integral parts of the overall brand planning and strategy.

They are planned and designed with a specific objective in mind of enlightening the market and the consumers about the brand story and its offerings of products and services.

Brand Collaterals display the core values and the overall personality of the brand and create the first impression in the minds of the customers with their design aesthetics, content, and other creative elements.

The core team members of marketing and branding have the prime duty of planning, designing, and executing the Brand Collaterals right from liaising with the design and advertising agencies to the various printers. Usually, the company has a creative or a marketing director who is the final approving authority for all the collateral related process and provides mentoring and a way forward to the marketing and branding departments.

Apart from hiring the renowned advertising and design agencies on board on the retainer model or project-based model, many corporate companies are setting up an in-house design team consisting of graphic designers, DTP operators, and content writers to design the Brand Collaterals. It results in the quick turnaround time and cost-effectiveness.